About Us

Pictured Sammi

Le Cane was created by me (Ellie) who quickly realised when looking for me and my partner’s (Simon) 6 year old adopted Golden Retriever Sammi, we very much struggled to find any suitable pet beds, collars or leashes we both liked or suited our lifestyle.
Devastatingly Sammi was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was only with us for a short but impactful period of time. We were absolutely heartbroken.

We then were contacted by the breeders of Sammi and they had decided to keep Sammi’s legacy alive by breeding Sammi’s daughter. We had no idea she even had a daughter and truly felt it was a miracle!  
With this, we were fortunate enough to bring home Frankie, Sammi’s granddaughter. They are a spitting image of each other and have extremely similar mannerisms which brings us tremendous joy.

I had the mission (again) to find stylish pet products (this time for Frankie) and failed miserably, so I decided to create them myself instead! With this, I searched high and low for the highest quality,  from the suppliers,to the stylish patterns, to create unique designs and luxe pet products that will last.

With my background in Real Estate, I understand and know quality and style. Having seen some of the best real estate inner city Melbourne has to offer, combined with both my parents working heavily within the Fashion and Retail Industry, it created the perfect storm to deliver the amazing pet products now known as Le Cane.  
Pet products, we believe, is an extension of your style and we strongly think your pet should be dressed impeccably too. So much so, we feel its imperative to also have this reflect and flow on into your home. We want our pet beds to be an extension of your interiors and should be something that ties into a space, not hidden in a corner. Your pet deserves the best just as much as you do.

We are so proud of our products and can’t wait for you to try them for yourself.
Lots of love,
The Le Cane family x
Pictured Frankie